If we’re talking about smartphones, we’ll eventually have to talk about Chinese factories leaking pictures out of the newest, unreleased, craziest wares. And in this case, you can forget about what you saw with the OnePlus 7 leaks that seemingly came from right over Pete Lau’s shoulder.

This time around, we have a picture picked up from Slashleaks that was originally posted on Chinese social board CoolAPK, but was taken down after some time. The image, titled “OnePlus 7 leaked,” shows two devices that look passable for prototypes. Both are placed onto their home screens with a special widget featutring the date as well as the OnePlus tagline, “Never Settle.”

Where the hardware differs begins with the glass: the left unit’s cover glass seems to taper right at the edges, giving off a 2.5D effect. The right unit’s glass looks to be completely flat. Secondly, while it looks as though both phones have housings that stretch partway above the display proper — an inverse notch, if you will — the device on the left seems to have a longer and thinner housing than the shorter and stubbier one on the right. The right-side device also hets a teardrop-style selfie camera notch while the other one seems to completely lack a selfie camera from this view. Some observers infer that the phone on the left may have a split chassis, allowing for the selfie camera to slide into place on its respective plane.

We do not see the bottom halves nor the rears of each device. It is also possible that the devices seen could have unique identities: one being the OnePlus 7, the other being the special 5G phone for EE UK.

In any case, we have to ask what you think about the concept of an inverse notch? How does it work into the compromise of these designs? Those edge bezels seem pretty darn thin otherwise, but what if an in-display protrusion comes into play? Tell us in the comments.

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