OnePlus has limited reach with wireless network customers. Specifically in Europe, the smartphone maker has a carriage deal with O2 and has recently just started pushing further with service providers into continental Europe. But future devices could be coming in more than just unlocked form as the 5G era creeps in.

In an interview with PCMag, CEO Pete Lau said that the company is working on bringing OnePlus phones to US carriers next year in time for the widespread roll-out 5G. The company co-founder also hopes that more opportunities for customers to go hands-on with its devices will translate to more sales.

No details on which carrier or carriers it is negotiating with right now — currently, the OnePlus 6 is only mentioned to work with AT&T and T-Mobile. Depending on the timing, we may end up seeing a OnePlus 6T or a OnePlus 7 arriving in the states.

However, Lau does promise a “burdenless” experience with a commitment to no bloatware. That said, with a relatively niche brand getting into the mix, carriers may hold pre-loaded apps over the company’s head as a means to get in the door.

The OnePlus 6 sold one million units in its first 22 days.

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