Expect no OnePlus 6T wireless charging and official IP rating

As we’re getting closer to the launch of the OnePlus 6T, more rumors and reports surface. Some unofficial, like the leaked renders we’ve seen just yesterday, and some straight from the horse’s mouth. Companies are usually building the buzz and anticipation around upcoming devices, and that is also the case with OnePlus. In a recent interview, OnePlus CEO Peter Lau touched on some of the features of the 6T.

Unlike previous T-models from the company, the OnePlus 6T will be a lot more different than the predecessor. We know that the headphone jack port on the 6T will be removed. “This has been one of the most difficult decisions for us to make. The most difficult task in the day-to-day is… finding a balance in what’s ultimately going to be part of the end product and what has to be said ‘No’ to“, said Lau, confirming it. The decision was made in order to make more room for the in-display fingerprint scanner.

Speaking of the in-display fingerprint scanner, the removal of the headphone jack was just one trade-off. The OnePlus 6T will also be 0.45mm thicker because of it, and most probably more expensive. However, to keep costs down, the upcoming phone will not have an IP rating. Lau suggests that having an official IP rating could increase the phone’s price by $30. So, the OnePlus 6T will not be IP-rated, but Lau says that the device can survive under water after an accidental sink in the pool or sink.

Wireless charging is the future for OnePlus, but the 6T won’t have it. The company suggests that Dash Charging is so fast and so popular that OnePlus will only employ wireless charging when it will be capable of charging a phone just as fast, or comparably.

When it comes to the price of the 6T, the CEO didn’t make any direct hints towards it. However, he suggested that OnePlus can only compete with Apple, Samsung, and Huawei if they keep the price attractive. A $550 price tag would make it anywhere between $100 and $450 cheaper than flagships from the aforementioned competitors.

If you want to read the entire interview, click the source link below.

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