Last year, the OnePlus 5 only got three months of sales before it was replaced by the OnePlus 5T. This year, it looks like the OnePlus 6 will be allowed to drift in the market just a bit.

With rumors centered around T-Mobile snatching up the OnePlus 6T and the infusion of 5G connectivity into the device, we just learned that the company is also working on opening a permanent retail presence in the capital of France. And from what we understand of that, it will take some time.

Cut to this post from Weibo, where OnePlus heavily markets itself towards students. Just as school has started up again around the northern hemisphere, the company has decided to get its fanbase pumped up to “set goals for the new semester” with January 15, 2019 being the target date. The “big exam” will apparently happen at 3am China time, which would be 2pm Eastern and 8pm CET.

We could prognosticate that students should be saving up for a new 5G flagship phone that will debut early next year, primetime in Paris. But that’s just us.

By the way, we have not been able to make sense of whether the device in the picture is the OnePlus 6T as the notch area has been shopped to blend in with the black of the calendar UI. Always take a grain of salt.

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