Flagship specs at half the price, why we love the OnePlus 6T

It’s actually really simple: the reason we love the OnePlus 6T is the same reason more and more people prefer it over competitors’ phones. And, judging by the numbers, there are quite a lot of people picking this phone, as OnePlus 6T sales were 86 percent higher than OnePlus 6 sales on day one in the US. So the simple reason is that the OnePlus 6T offers flagship specs at half the price. For the price you’re paying for a mid-range device, OnePlus gives you a full-fledged, futureproof, flagship smartphone.

We went into extensive details on how the OnePlus 6T compares to other flagships. We won’t reiterate, but feel free to hit up this link to find out. What we will say though, that the latest and greatest from OnePlus offers at least the same, if not better specs, than its direct flagship competitors.

And now, for the good part. A base iPhone costs $999, a base Galaxy S9 goes for $719.99, and the Mate 20 will set you back €799 (yes, that’s Euros). The OnePlus 6T only costs $549, which is 45 percent less than the iPhone, 24 percent less than the Galaxy S9, and 40 percent less than the Mate. Don’t forget, you get the same, if not better specs. You can go for a more expensive OnePlus 6T, which will bring you 2GB more for a total of 8GB, for $30 more. If you want 256GB of storage, it’s going to be an extra $50.

Even the most expensive OnePlus 6T, packing 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage will “only” set you back $629. Guess how much would an iPhone or Galaxy like that cost? You’ve got it. So if you want to grab a OnePlus 6T, head over to this link and pick the right configuration and color option for you.

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