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OnePlus 6 teardown has surprises including some water proofing and a weird alert slider

By Jules Wang May 23, 2018, 10:19 pm

The latest smartphone from OnePlus has been torn down and evaluated for its ease of repairs.

iFixit scored the OnePlus 6 a 5-out-of-10 rating on its repairability scale, but most of the critical dings fall upon the glass industrial design (popular with smartphone makers today, but vulnerable), removal of the display (which honestly is pretty tough on half of the big phones out there) and just a bunch of messy glue.

The positive points include the fact that the board is accessible with just a Phillips head screwdriver and that, despite language saying that users shouldn’t remove the battery, the battery is easily removable.


A few brownie points are given to the company towards attempts at water proofing — even without heavy-duty IP ratings — with sealant, the alert slider pushing a plunger that pushes a switch on the motherboard and the NFC antenna encircling the rear dual camera module.

The full details are available from iFixit at the link below.

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