Recent OnePlus 6 software update seems to have caused big battery problems for many

There are plenty of reasons to love up-and-coming Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, and fast and frequent software updates probably rank pretty high among the company’s strong points.

Just like its forerunners, the recently released OnePlus 6 received a number of OS optimizations and enhancements in its first few weeks on the market. While we wouldn’t exactly call these updates major, many users welcomed important add-ons like the notch-hiding option and front camera Portrait Mode, not to mention bug fixes and general stability improvements.

Unfortunately, as so often happens, quashing bugs can directly or indirectly lead to producing new system glitches and flaws. It appears the OxygenOS 5.1.8 OTA rollout started a little over a week ago gave birth to some pretty serious battery issues for quite a few OnePlus 6 owners.

These folks have wasted no time sharing their regrettable experiences and voicing their frustration on the official OnePlus forums, either complaining about battery life deterioration or extreme device heating. Or both.

Of course, a phone’s endurance between charges depends on various factors, starting with usage patterns, but there are simply too many reports of post-update battery drains to chalk this matter up to a misunderstanding of sorts.

Some people claim they’re getting as little as half the running times their handsets used to score before “upgrading” to OxygenOS 5.1.8, and although not everyone appears to be experiencing such disastrous drain, OnePlus should probably take this issue seriously. Something tells us a 5.1.9 rollout is right around the corner, so stay tuned.

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