OnePlus 6 screen flickering issue reported in bright light

OnePlus is winning in India, but not everything is flawless for some OnePlus 6 owners. There’s apparently a screen flickering issue some owners have been experiencing specifically in bright light, and having adaptive brightness turned on.

OnePlus is no stranger to screen-related issues. Back in the days of the OnePlus 5, a so called “jelly” effect while scrolling was making the headlines, deemed normal by the manufacturer.

This OnePlus 6 screen flickering issue seems to be software related though, rather than a hardware fault. Even so, the bug appears to be hard to observe, and for many users it could easily go unnoticed. XDA notes that it might have something to do with a threshold OnePlus might have set too high for the extra brightness mode on the AMOLED panel. Moving the phone briefly could be enough to trigger the switch for high brightness mode off.

In any case, OnePlus is yet to acknowledge the issue, and, hoping it’s software related, to release a fix for it.

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