OnePlus 6 breaks vague sales records while scoring launch-day update with notch-hiding option

OnePlus has an interesting habit of rolling out seemingly minor but sometimes crucial software updates for its flagship-killing smartphones shortly after or even in advance of actually releasing said handsets.

These generally allow the Chinese OEM to continuously improve stability, fix bugs and add certain features that often need extra refinement time without delaying a phone’s commercial launch in case said refinement takes longer than anticipated.

Notch haters probably remember the OnePlus 6 was promised a so-called “black-out” function after the uproar caused by co-founder Carl Pei’s “deal with it” statements and tweets. But since this was a last-minute addition to the company’s list of software priorities, CEO Pete Lau could only guarantee the notch-hiding option would be enabled “after the launch” of the OP6.

As it turns out, the phone’s very first update, released the same day that shipments began worldwide, includes both an “added configuration for notch show/hide” and a similarly important super slow motion feature.

Basically, you should be able to obscure the notch right out the box, as well as shoot 720p videos at 480fps or 1080p content at 240 frames per second. That’s cool, but not as cool as the Galaxy S9’s 720p recording capabilities at 960 fps, not to mention the full 1080p/960fps support of Sony’s Xperia XZ2.

The OnePlus 6 is also getting May Android security patches, a pre-loaded Switch app and quick capture functionality in portrait mode. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this is now the company’s “fastest selling device ever”, beating the 5T… in terms of vague success claims. Interestingly enough, the handset now “ships immediately” in key markets like the US, Canada, France or Italy.

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