‘Honest’, premium OnePlus 6 design confirmed to use glass back providing ‘sense of value’

OnePlus has made a habit of teasing specs and features for unreleased products on Twitter and other social media platforms, as well as confirming, detailing and even justifying certain decisions likely to spark controversy on the company’s official community webpages.

The latest “deep-dive” published by CEO Pete Lau on the OnePlus forums goes into great detail on how the OnePlus 6 design was carefully chosen, executed and finalized, with “over 70 glass prototypes” being tested before ultimately selecting “the best one.”

That’s right, the OP6 will move away from the all-metal chassis of last fall’s 5T and the Chinese company’s sandstone roots, embracing the glass back direction set by many of the world’s top smartphone vendors in recent years.

OnePlus aims to stand out with a unique interpretation of a decidedly familiar material, although it remains unclear exactly what will make the OP6 special when compared to the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9, for instance.

No words on any wood grain effect or unusual finish, just vague and pompous talk of a “premium hand-feel” and “sense of value” created by the OnePlus 6 glass design. Also, while you may not be able to notice this at a glance, a record five printed layers of Nanotech Coating will be applied to the phone’s shiny back (instead of the industry-standard three), giving the device a “stronger impression of depth” that OnePlus expects its “most demanding users” to “surely appreciate.”

Glass is also the ideal material to support wireless charging functionality, but it’s unclear if the time is now right for OnePlus to add a technology that was deemed immature just six months ago.

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