It’s official, the OnePlus 6 will be unveiled in China on May 17

Although OnePlus officials have been customarily candid about certain controversial design choices for the Chinese company’s next flagship phone, as well as build materials, water resistance and key specs like processing power, RAM and storage counts, one thing Carl Pei and Pete Lau have kept under wraps is the handset’s launch date.

Speculation has varied immensely, from an April 27 date coinciding with the theatrical premiere of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War blockbuster to May 5 and 15.

In the end, it looks like you’ll get plenty of time to digest the epic showdown between the extended Avengers lineup and Thanos, as the OnePlus 6 is only slated to see daylight on May 17. At least in China, although history suggests there won’t be much of a gap between the phone’s announcement in the world’s single largest market and other regional unveiling shindigs.

It’s possible the OP6 will be globally introduced a few days earlier, kicking off deliveries around the world a few days later. In any case, we’re probably looking at a commercial debut by the end of next month, compared to the OP5, which started shipping in the US on June 20, and in China on June 22 last year.

By the way, if you want to attend the Chinese OnePlus 6 launch, you’ll be able to get tickets starting this Friday, April 27, in exchange for just 99 yuan ($15), which is likely to include some free swag as well. Places are obviously limited, and the event will start at 10 am local time, i.e. 10 pm on the US east coast (May 16), or 7 pm PDT.

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