This is the OnePlus 6 notch that you’ll need to ‘learn to love’, as it ‘just makes sense’

Even if that alleged OnePlus 6 prototype pictured in all its glory last month proves to be phony, we know an awful lot about the ambitious Chinese company’s next flagship device all of a sudden.

The very intriguing rear design is no longer a secret, thanks to master leaker Evan Blass, and in typical OnePlus buzz-building fashion, Carl Pei just confirmed there will be an iPhone X-inspired notch on the as-yet unnamed Snapdragon 845 powerhouse.

Not only that, but the OnePlus co-founder also shared an official product image with the public, via The Verge. The partial render focuses on the top screen cutout, which Pei says “it’ll be bigger than the Essential Phone, smaller than the iPhone.” Specifically, the thing bound to spark controversy among the unconventional OEM’s hardcore fans is revealed as measuring 19.616mm x 7.687mm.

The reason it’s not smaller is that OnePlus needed a little more room than Essential to make the earpiece good, as well as retain important stuff like a proximity and ambient light sensor, and the “user-requested” LED notification light. Also, a front-facing camera, of course.

As for the reason it’s there to begin with, Carl Pei claims it’s a clear user benefit rather than a compromise, giving you “more real estate.” Apparently, you’ll have to “learn to love the notch”, at least until Apple finds a way to get rid of it and pull off a truly “all-screen” iPhone design.

By the way, Pei insists the decision to adopt the notch “just made sense” once screen manufacturers gave the smartphone vendor the “opportunity to make cutouts at the top of the screen.” In other words, the OnePlus 6 will simply follow a sensible trend, and not mimic Apple’s pioneering work. Then again, the Chinese OEM’s Head of Global operations is ready to admit Apple does “accelerate the adoption of things within the industry.”

All that being said, we also learn today that the OP6 will not ditch the headphone jack, and a small “chin” will be retained as well to not drive production costs through the roof. The screen-to-body ratio will circle the 90 percent magic number, and, yes, the new gesture implementation is likely to seem familiar to iPhone X users as well. Last but not least, you apparently shouldn’t count on the OnePlus 6 looking exactly like the OPPO R15. Boy, that’s a lot of official information about a device that may still be a few months away. Unless it’s actually right around the corner.

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