OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Limited Edition gets early release in China at around $660

In case it wasn’t crystal clear how far OnePlus has come in the ruthless smartphone industry in under half a decade, the Chinese mobile device manufacturer has somehow been able to score promotional tie-ins with the two biggest movie franchises in history these past six months or so.

The OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Limited Edition looks like an even bigger deal than the 5T Star Wars Limited Edition, launching in China alongside the standard OP6, and a measly few weeks after the massive global theatrical debut of “Infinity War.”

Apart from eye-catching gold Avengers and OnePlus logos, the distinctive phone also aims to grab the attention of comic book fans and Android power users who want to feel special with a “custom 3D aramid fiber textured” glass body.

In short, the Marvel Avengers Limited Edition looks like an entirely different product from standard Midnight Black, Mirror Black and Silk White OnePlus 6 versions, proving it’s a little more than a publicity stunt.

Of course, the specifications are all the same, including premium stuff like dual 16 + 20MP rear-facing cameras with super slow-mo video recording capabilities, Snapdragon 845 processing power, a 19:9 FHD+ 6.28-inch display (with a notch), and water resistance (under “certain conditions”).

To make sure you get nothing less than “infinite power”, OnePlus will only be selling the special edition phone with maximum memory (8GB) and internal storage space (256 gigs) in exchange for CNY 4,199, or $660, which is understandably a little higher than the regional price tag of the same configuration without all the Iron Man-inspired physical transformations. Expect (limited) availability to be announced in India later today as well, hopefully followed by other markets at some point in the not too distant future.

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