OnePlus 6 possibly pictured as a prototype with a notch screen and glass back

As laughable a theory as it may have seemed just a few months ago, major Android smartphone manufacturers are already starting to embrace the iPhone X notch. We’re not talking obscure Chinese clone vendors, with Asus unapologetically following Apple’s controversial new design direction as well.

Up next, there’s Huawei, and yes, possibly even OnePlus. The company that takes great pride in resisting trends like the no-jack movement or premature wireless charging adoption recently confirmed the OnePlus 6 for a late Q2 launch with Snapdragon 845.

No surprises there, as the 5T is still pretty fresh, and the original OP5 will have its one-year anniversary at the end of the second quarter. But the shocker comes today in the form of two hands-on photographs purportedly showing something radically different from both the 5 and 5T.

This may well be an early OnePlus 6 prototype, although we obviously can’t confirm its legitimacy. Even if real, it could still undergo significant changes before reaching stores.

Assuming it’s both legit and close to pre-production finalization, we can definitely see it spark some controversy with a shiny glass backplate somewhat resembling the Galaxy S9+ rear, and especially an iPhone X-mimicking “notch.”

The overall bezels are certainly razor-thin, the notch appears to blend in with the notification bar, and the pill-shaped fingerprint scanner at the back keeps its distance from the vertically-arranged dual camera setup. All in all, this is not a bad look… if you don’t have a problem with the manufacturer’s many sources of inspiration. Before deciding one way or the other, though, keep in mind this is by no means a rock-solid leak.

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