OnePlus 6 starts at $515 in India on May 21, Avengers Edition going for around $660

The last of the three big OnePlus 6 launch events took place in India yesterday a few hours after the highly anticipated phone made its official debut in the world’s largest market in six variants, including a Marvel Avengers Limited Edition.

The same obviously goes for the world’s second-largest smartphone market as well, where “infinite power” can be in your hands in exchange for Rs. 44,999, or $660 or so. You’ll have to wait ten more days for a device described as “rare like the Infinity Stones” to start shipping, with a “shimmering” golden Avengers logo and alert slider billed as the “crown piece of this artifact.”

The OP6 Avengers Edition also comes with a unique Karbon fiber case pattern, not to mention a whopping 8GB RAM and 256GB storage space under its eye-catching hood. A slightly more conventional “Midnight Black” model cuts the local digital hoarding room in half while retaining that extra-generous memory count and fetching Rs. 39,999 ($590).

As for the beautifully reflective “Mirror Black” version, that’s actually the only one available with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage (at Rs. 34,999, or $515) in addition to a 128/8GB configuration priced the same as the Midnight Black equivalent.

Don’t forget about the Rs. 39.999 Silk White model either, naturally equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage space, currently listed as “out of stock” and “coming soon” on the handset manufacturer’s regional website.

Amazon Prime members will get early access to a limited batch of Midnight Black and Mirror Black units on May 21, at 12PM, while everyone else needs to wait until the 22nd to order and quickly receive the Chinese OEM’s first glass-backed, water-resistant device.

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