OnePlus’s Carl Pei retracts “love the notch” tweet

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei could be regretting one of his most prominent quotes from yesterday’s interview with The Verge.

In talking about what the upcoming OnePlus 6, Pei pushed the biggest annoyances that his brand’s fans have been clumping around in leaks and rumors — the notch. Through technical explanations, he centered it around one goal.

“It’s a very clear decision: more [display] real estate for the user. In conclusion, learn to love the notch,” he said.

Pei even retweeted the link to the article by saying as such: “Learn to love the notch.” The responses since have been scathing with some crossing the line of insult. He later deleted the tweet.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau was also involving himself in damage control today with a post on the company forums about why the company chose a notch design for the OnePlus 6. He made his most salient point as such:

Finally, as our devices gain in worldwide popularity, we need to scale up production accordingly. That means using a display that is readily procurable is the only way we can keep up with global demand. This translates to fewer delays, faster shipping, and the ability to service more people.

Plenty of tech media have noted that OnePlus sister company OPPO produced the R11s last year which had glaring similarities to the OnePlus 5T. It looks to be the same case this year with the OnePlus 6 and OPPO R15. That could be part of what the scaling operation that’s being described here.

Lau does promise a cropping toggle in OxygenOS so that many apps can avoid the influence of the notch, but for many, the whole exercise is just another example of how OnePlus is, in the words of forums user smartbuddy, “disconnected with user feedback these days in following the usual competition instead of innovation.”

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