A team from OnePlus, including co-founder Carl Pei, faced piercing questions from longtime followers who were disappointed with the lack of a promised Android Nougat update for the OnePlus 2. Instead, he decided to bait tech publications with clickbait-y article titles covering this AMA.

And despite all of that, you’ll have to dig through the “Ask Me Anything” thread in the wake of the OnePlus 5’s reveal on the OnePlus subreddit in order to find any real answers to the questions that have been asked over and over.

We’ve compiled a quick rundown of answers gathered from about the first couple hundred posts on the thread. If you’re a tech enthusiast killing for money, you should probably brace yourself:

  • Where the Amsterdam pop-up event concerned, it seemed that the “party vibe” provided good drink and music, but didn’t have the demo devices needed to keep lines short and moods satisfied.
  • As for the software, the current word is that the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T will still receive software updates, including Android O this year — though fans have complained that going exclusively through the beta program doesn’t really count. The company has pushed stable updates out on a bimonthly basis.
  • The OnePlus 5 features sapphire cover glass for the rear dual-camera system. By the way, placing the module at the center of the top end of the phone would’ve supposedly needed more of a jut from the back.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization on 4K video was not able to make it on the original software release, but “this is coming”.
  • DxO did consult with OnePlus in the tuning of the OnePlus 5’s cameras, even though there was no mention of this in review literature or the launch event.
  • There’s “daily water resistance,” but nothing into the IP67 or IP68 range.
  • In omitting the microSD slot, the company decided that UFS 2.1 flash storage would provide an overall “better experience”. There are no plans to support external storage. Pei said he hasn’t fielded complaints on this topic “from actual customers as we offer plenty of storage on our devices.”
  • The OnePlus 5 features only USB 2.0 spec because USB 3.0 would affect LTE reception. Unaffiliated Redditor /u/T_White mentioned that the data spectrum USB 3.0+ standards use can interfere with radios — which sounds like a hardware design issue to us.
  • Technically in a different thread, but Pei also addressed complaints about the OnePlus 5 benchmarking well above its weight, even for a top tier device. Essentially, it comes down to expectations of what users may want to see in their benchmark results.
  • As the price of a OnePlus device has grown, the company has pointed to “RAM, ROM, CPU” as big cost drivers, but also has subtle improvements — like the vibration engine and microphones — to blame.
  • Dash Charge-enabled battery packs would cost too much to make and would not reach scale.
  • Tablets as a new vertical are a non-starter.

Finally, here are a few of gems from Pei, direct. In entertaining a question about why the fingerprint sensor was moved to the front, the company co-founder expressed his curiosity for rear placement preference before mentioning that front-facing sensors cost more. Another Redditor then threw the idea out to have a poll on this topic.

Haha, I can just imagine how media headlines will evolve as a result of this.

“OnePlus is running a poll for front vs back fingerprint scanner placement”


“OnePlus is considering a back fingerprint scanner for their next phone”


“Next OnePlus likely to feature fingerprint scanner on back”


“OnePlus lied and over hyped the convenience of having a fingerprint scanner on the front, backtracks”

JK [Just Kidding]

When asked to persuade a customer to switch away from an iPhone 7 Plus, he responded:

We shouldn’t. If we do our jobs well, improving the product, service and our reputation, you’ll eventually move to OnePlus. “Eventually” can take a very long time. We don’t believe in hard selling.

How long will OnePlus last after it has “finished destroying your low price [unique selling point]?”

Hopefully at least 50 years. 100 would be awesome.

That said, will OnePlus make a phone and price it above $800?

Maybe one day when we’re a stronger team. The key is that the product has to be worth $800+, just like the OnePlus 5 is worth it’s current MSRP.

To which /u/TheFlemishGuy retorted with:

lol, please don’t make 800 dollar phones… Sincerely, the world

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