The “OnePlus 6 can’t Avenge net neutrality” Edition | #PNWeekly 305

We have our full slate of OnePlus 6 coverage to go through, so we might as well rev up our opinion machines. What do Avengers, wireless headphones and the Mohs mineral hardness scale have to do with this phone? We’ll tell you.

Also, lots of politics has been mixing itself into our mobile technology from ZTE to net neutrality. Meanwhile, AT&T and Verizon show their faith in a former man who managed a sunglasses company and HTC may be becoming a specialist smartphone producer after years of shrinking in the mainstream spotlight.

Friend of the show Andrew Wallace joins us for a fruitful discussion on the Pocketnow Weekly!

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Pocketnow Weekly 305

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May 18, 2018


Juan Carlos Bagnell

Jules Wang


Andrew Wallace (Twitch)

OnePlus 6


  • ZTE: Legislators hold Trump administration off from relieving sanctions
  • ZTE pt. 2: Samsung may save the day as it spreads Exynos around
  • Net neutrality: An (almost) completely meaningless vote to save it, but…
  • RED Hydrogen One: Count us surprised with AT&T and Verizon
  • HTC: The blockchain phone
  • HTC pt. 2: The virtual reality phone
  • Windows iPad?: Microsoft could knock against Apple in $400 region
  • YouTube Premium: What is YouTube’s strategy for media?
  • Apple v. Samsung: What is “an article of manufacture?”
  • Caviar: The Tesla phone is everything you think it is except it isn’t

See you soon!

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