PSA: You can order the OnePlus 6 right now around the world

Already reviewed in great detail by our own Jaime Rivera, the highly anticipated OnePlus 6 smartphone that was formally unveiled a mere six days ago is available from the Chinese OEM in almost every “participating” market. And no, you don’t need an invite to be an early adopter.

Those days are long gone, and even though Amazon India already lists the speedy handset as its number one, two and three bestsellers in the “electronics” category in three different configurations, there are no inventory shortages to report… just yet. The special Avengers Edition still needs a little time to launch in India and China, while a limited batch of “Silk White” units will be available globally in 14 days.

If you can’t wait that long, you’ll be happy to see Mirror Black and Midnight Black variants shipping within 2 to 3 days from most of the smartphone manufacturer’s regional e-stores.

Two days is the perfectly acceptable delivery time promised in the US right now, although you probably want to hurry before seeing that inevitably expand. You can choose a reflective 64 or 128GB Mirror Black OnePlus 6 SKU with 6 or 8GB RAM in tow respectively, while the more “standard” Midnight Black model is up for grabs in 128 and 256 gig configurations packing the same hefty 8 gigs of memory.

Local pricing starts at $529, which is obviously not directly correlated with the phone’s MSRP across other regions. For instance, the OP6 fetches as little as £469 in the UK, €519 in EU markets, and Rs. 34,999 in India.

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