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How to install Android 9 Pie Beta on your OnePlus 6 (video)

By Anton D. Nagy September 9, 2018, 12:00 am
OnePlus 6 Android PIe

About two weeks ago OnePlus kicked off its Closed Beta Tester program. Those eligible and joining will get access to early builds and offer OnePlus feedback on crushing bugs and improving the release. On September 3, though, OnePlus kicked off its Open Beta program. If you want to experience Android 9 Pie on your OnePlus 6, you can now do so. This is how!

Before you begin please note that tinkering with your device could lead to data loss or potential phone damage. This procedure also only refers to the OnePlus 6; don’t attempt it on a different phone. If you decide to proceed at your own risk, first you need to download the proper file from the OnePlus servers. You can upgrade to OnePlus 6 Android Pie Beta from the Stable official version, or from the Developer Preview. You can of course revert back at any point to the MP version.

Once downloaded, transfer the file to the root of your OnePlus 6. Do that by connecting your phone to your computer and following the same procedure as when copying simple files. Just make sure you copy it to the root. Then, it’s as easy as going to Settings, Software updates, and hitting Local update. You’re on your way! A Factory Reset (or Wipe through recovery) is recommended, but we have skipped that part without noticing something being off.

Check out the video below detailing not only the process, but also the benefits of running the OnePlus 6 Android Pie Beta. We also talk about our experience with the build, and more.

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