Latest unconventional OnePlus 5T commercial ends in fake rival phone destruction

We all know OnePlus doesn’t shy away from controversy. The ambitious Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been making headlines with contentious, bizarre or outright wrong publicity stunts for roughly four years now, and still, the company managed to shock us again recently.

The wholly unscientific and completely absurd OnePlus 5T cactus and dog tests are today followed by what seriously looks like the most tasteless stunt ever pulled by this always-surprising mobile device vendor.

Fortunately, the “speed challenge” performed on the streets of London to prove the 5T’s superiority over some of the world’s most popular phones doesn’t end in actual private property damage. A few overly polite iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 owners are simply fooled into thinking their super-expensive devices get physically destroyed after the OP5T figuratively smashes them all.

Of course, the whole thing could be staged, as the rage and desperation of the prank’s victims is nowhere near as extreme as you’d probably expect. But the simple fact we’re suspecting OnePlus of being capable of tormenting innocent people like that says a lot about its advertising department’s public perception.

The reliability of the so-called speed test is another thing that can easily get under your skin, as OnePlus never shows the real time it takes the 5T to unlock, snap a picture, turn on the torch and open a music app… of some sort in comparison with its rivals. But clearly, this is a blazing fast phone, and assuming the protagonists of today’s video weren’t paid to participate in the first place, they should be ecstatic they got their own copies for free.

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