OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition heads to India at unspecified price

India and China had to wait a little longer than the rest of the world for wide OnePlus 5T availability, which didn’t feel very smart on the Chinese OEM’s part given the strategic importance of the two markets in the company’s evolution and financial well-being.

But OnePlus more than made up for its regional delay with the exclusive domestic launch of a “Lava Red” 5T variant, as well as an upcoming India-first Star Wars Limited Edition.

Let’s hope we’re not looking at an India-only release, as the Force is still wildly popular around the world. Pre-announced at the Bengaluru Comic-Con event over the weekend, the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition will be fully and properly unveiled in Mumbai on December 14 ahead of a probable December 15 commercial rollout.

That just so happens to be the global release date of The Last Jedi, the latest installment in the ever-expanding Star Wars cinematic universe, and it’s also pretty close to the third local anniversary of OnePlus.

There are no words on pricing and RAM/ROM configurations yet, but it’s safe to expect no differences from “standard” versions. After all, this is the same exact phone on the inside, and it sports the same 6-inch 2:1 AMOLED screen with thin bezels.

Cosmetic changes include a white backplate adorned with a red Star Wars logo, as well as a flashy red alert slider, while the front stays black and classy. You’re most likely looking at a bunch of special wallpapers and screensavers too, with tickets to the December 14 Mumbai Carnival Cinemax Wadala launch event going up for sale on Thursday, December 7, at 10 am local.

You’ll need to cough up Rs. 1,999 ($31), but you get an official Star Wars T-shirt, a OnePlus Star Wars laptop bag, popcorn and soft drinks on the house, as well as a “grand surprise.” Not to mention the chance to “experience the phone” before anyone else.

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