OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition confirmed for December 14 Scandinavian launch

OnePlus sure has a knack for getting people excited about “limited editions” of the Chinese company’s remarkably inexpensive flagships, partnering with world-famous designers, fashion stores and epic movie franchises to embellish already stunning phones.

Sometimes, attracting media attention and catching the eye of global consumers is as easy as slapping a fresh coat of paint on the OP3T or 5T. But with the latest blockbuster film in the extended Star Wars series right around the corner, the smartphone maker’s newest special edition device is undoubtedly its most headline-grabbing of all.

Aptly named OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition, the force-carrying Android is not headed exclusively to India, as we assumed earlier this week. Finland, Sweden and Denmark will also receive it soon enough, with a special pop-up launch event slated for 4pm local time at the Helsinki Tennis Palace on December 13.

The next day will see regional sales kick off in physical Elisa stores and through the OEM’s own official e-commerce channel. There’s no explicit confirmation of a rollout date for the other two aforementioned Nordic countries, but you should probably expect online sales to begin on December 14 in Sweden and Denmark too.

No words on storage configurations or price points either, with the regular OnePlus 5T fetching the rough equivalent of $600 across the Scandinavian region with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

Keep in mind that the Star Wars version is in no way different under the hood or as far as any key specs are concerned. It simply has a white backplate with a logo imprinted on it, a red alert slider and some distinctive wallpapers.

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