OnePlus 5T sold out in North America due to strong demand

Unlike its sister companies OPPO and vivo, OnePlus acts more like a boutique smartphone producer in that it has a small product portfolio and serves limited stock out to consumers and that runs out well before demand dries up.

There were no OnePlus 5 units being sold for about a month before the OnePlus 5T actually debuted. And now, it’s the case where the OnePlus 5T, at least in North America, has stopped selling.

In an interview with Engadget, the company’s global marketing chief said that demand was stronger than expected in the region. In 2017, OnePlus increased North America annual revenue by 139 percent and global revenue was up about 100 percent to $1.4 billion.

“In a category where no one is growing, we’re growing,” said Kiang, who is also the general manager of OnePlus North America.

When it was suggested that OnePlus could have moved units from other markets to the US and Canada, Kiang responded by saying that the logistics of switching power adapters out of the boxes would be too great.

The OnePlus 6 is expected to come sometime late in the second quarter.

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