OnePlus 5T Sandstone White sold out in ‘less than 2 hours’, Lava Red is soon expanding to India

OnePlus decided to “revisit a classic” last week, unveiling a special Sandstone White edition of the already beautiful and popular 5T smartphone that tapped into the nostalgia of the company’s early supporters.

Granted, both the OnePlus One and OP2 came coated in “Sandstone Black” back in the day, but apparently, the Chinese device manufacturer had every reason to believe it was actually the two’s unique finish and “signature Sandstone feel” that appealed to so many people.

If anything, the new color and the way it complements the sleek all-aluminum shell of the OnePlus 5T helped seal the deal, as all the limited inventory was “gone in less than 2 hours” from the time sales began earlier this week.

We obviously have no idea and we will probably never know exactly how many units were up for grabs as part of this limited global “drop”, and unfortunately, OnePlus isn’t saying if the 5T Sandstone White will ever return to the US or the old continent.

There’s also no word on an eventual expansion to markets like China or India, but if it makes the OEM’s groupies around those parts feel any better, the Lava Red flavor that initially launched in China only is on its way to India as well.

Exclusive to Amazon’s regional branch, the arguably snazziest of all three OnePlus 5T versions (Star Wars edition not included) is opening e-sales on January 20. Like all of the company’s limited edition devices, this bad boy will be available in a top-of-the-line configuration only, packing 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, priced at Rs. 37,999 ($595).

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