This shadowy image probably confirms the razor-thin bezels of the impending OnePlus 5T

OnePlus is anything but predictable, throwing in the mid-range smartphone towel after just one X generation, skipping the number 4 in following the company’s summer 2016 flagship, releasing an incremental 3T upgrade last fall, and running out of stock worldwide unusually early in the 5’s commercial run.

The logical assumption would be to expect an iterative OnePlus 5T any day now, although the two slightly less reasonable theories shouldn’t be ruled out either. Namely, we could still see OP5 inventory return with a bang, or even a full-on OnePlus 6 sequel unveiled in a matter of weeks.

After all, the 3T looked pretty much the same as the OP3 on the outside, merely featuring an improved front-facing camera, a little extra processing power and a slightly larger battery.

Meanwhile, if legit, recent renders of this OnePlus 5T or 6, as well as a freshly leaked promo image in very poor lighting, seem to foreshadow an important redesign. Not exactly a major redesign, but screen bezels should be substantially thinner, with a 2:1 aspect ratio and Full HD+ (2160 x 1080 pixels) resolution in tow.

The latest illustration of the upcoming high-end Android phone only lets us catch a quick glimpse of the 5T’s purported chin, no fingerprint reader included. The biometric sensor will likely be relocated on the back, making room for a rumored 6 inches of screen real estate squeezed into a similar body as the OP5. Color us intrigued.

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