OnePlus 5T jelly scrolling is unlikely to be a problem, as display orientation looks ‘normal’

Since no one expected the OnePlus 5T to arrive just five months after the OP5 with a radical redesign and major performance improvements, we’re glad to see the 6-inch phone priced aggressively enough for what it does bring new to the table.

Namely, you get a “new view”, thanks to a larger screen with thinner bezels, revised rear-facing dual cameras and even added facial recognition, starting at $499 stateside, or 20 bucks more than the “entry-level” OnePlus 5 configuration.

Powered by Android 7.1.1 Nougat out the box, the 5T should also need less software-optimizing work than its predecessor during its first few weeks of availability. The hardware may have been amended beyond what meets the eye too, preventing another “jelly scrolling” controversy from erupting in the near future.

The same experienced kernel code diggers that discovered the apparent root cause of the bizarre OnePlus 5 issue are now confident display orientation has gone back to normal for the 5T.

No upside-down panel probably means the so-called “jelly” effect is out of the picture, and scrolling through text and pictures should look and feel natural and silky smooth. Of course, most OP5 users either never noticed or didn’t pay much attention to the divisive hardware glitch. But others couldn’t unsee it once they saw it was there, reportedly returning the otherwise impressive “flagship killer” en masse.

Either way, it’s one less thing to worry about… if it’s indeed gone.

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