OnePlus 5T insurance not available, may be hard to get

OnePlus has still yet to offer insurance for its latest smartphone, the 5T, in the United States. This as the phone enters into its 11th day of sales without the option available — the company only allows insurance to be purchased within 15 days of purchase of a device.

A concern tipster to Phandroid shared a chat log with a customer service representative. Justin was worried that his phone won’t be able to be protected. The representative said that there’s been “a lot of feedback regarding” the lack of insurance.

Representative: For the insurance since you constantly make a follow up regarding this we will take note of this here on our end so the next time once it will be available there is a proof that you contacted us regarding this within the 15 days timeframe.

Representative: Yes, I will take note of that feedback and suggestion.

Justin: Alright. Has there been any indication of the time frame for when insurance will become available?

Representative: As of now, we still do not have a specific time as it is still unavailable.

It’s been pointed out that forcing the customer to repeatedly ask for insurance to put them on a queue to get it is an unprofessional way of conducting business. But especially with this being the fastest-selling OnePlus phone in company history, it’s an especially appalling move. And in the meantime, people are suggesting third-party insurance.

Or, you could just return the phone within 15 days of purchase.

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