Uncompromising OnePlus 5T escapes grueling durability inspection largely unscathed

In addition to supplying the wrong people with early copies of the as-yet unreleased OnePlus 5T, the always original Chinese OEM boldly allowed a professional smartphone torturer to conduct his customary durability experiments on the 2:1 device before putting the thing up for sale.

That confidence was obviously fueled by the fact no previous OnePlus handset failed JerryRigEverything’s famous bend test, but then again, this is the company’s riskiest design yet, with thinner bezels than ever, as well as a repositioned fingerprint reader.

Fortunately, no build quality compromises were made in the process of slimming down those screen borders, and the OnePlus 5T passes every single durability examination with flying colors.

Sheer human force can’t flex this all-aluminum device, and unless you really want to harm the premium 6-incher, you won’t be able to visibly scratch it either. Keys don’t leave a mark on the phone’s back or ceramic-made fingerprint scanner, although a razor blade can do quite a bit of damage if you set your mind to it.

It’s also not wise to literally go through fire and water with the 5T on you, as the handset lacks both H2O and (long-term) flame resistance. But when it comes to realistic endurance-testing scenarios, this bad boy can impressively hold its own… at a lower price than the iPhone X’s glass back replacement alone.

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