OnePlus will ‘consider adopting’ wireless charging ‘when the time is right’, 5T sticks to Dash Charge

Even though it’s been accused of aping the competition more than once, with flagship phone designs that are rarely truly original to begin with, OnePlus has always tried to maintain this maverick, industry-disrupting reputation.

Indeed, the Chinese company isn’t afraid of making tough, sometimes highly divisive decisions, “respectfully disagreeing” among others with market leaders on the definition of courage.

Just like its forerunners, the OnePlus 5T will snub a trend that even Apple has come on board of this year, offering no futuristic backup for the OEM’s proprietary wired Dash Charge technology.

That’s because wireless charging is considered an “exciting concept that’s matured a lot over the last few years”, but still not superior to a feature that gives you “enough power for the entire day” in a measly half an hour.

In a slightly less detailed forum post than the one explaining the rationale behind the headphone jack retention, CEO Pete Lau lists two simple reasons why the “current state” of wireless charging doesn’t recommend it as a better choice than Dash Charge support.

In a nutshell, the “experience” is deemed uncomfortable and inconvenient due to smartphone usage restrictions while charging and inferior speeds. “When the time is right”, OnePlus will obviously “consider adopting” the inductive Qi standard (or something better, if the opportunity arises), which doesn’t explain why the 5T couldn’t integrate both wireless and Dash Charge solutions to preemptively cover all the bases.

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