There’s a lot to love about the newly unveiled OnePlus 5T, and despite all the controversies surrounding the company these days, it seems customers are paying close attention to early reviews, flocking to authorized sales channels around the world.

As promised, India’s first “early access sale” on Amazon is over, with a limited fresh batch of the 2:1 phone coming on Friday, November 24. Meanwhile, delivery estimates have predictably begun to expand from the OEM’s official e-stores, with new US buyers for instance looking at an eight-day wait at the time of writing.

It should therefore come as no surprise that OnePlus is boasting about its most successful device launch day in its (short) history, as the 5T apparently managed to rack up more global orders in 6 hours than the original OP5 scored in an entire day.

Of course, no actual figures were disclosed, with some of the company’s top execs and customer service specialists instead focused on answering all kinds of questions through the OnePlus forums.

A somewhat disappointing revelation came as Beta program Project Manager Adam Krisko confirmed “we are not currently supporting treble and do not plan to” for the OnePlus 5T, 5, 3T or 3.

Project Treble is a new initiative billed by Google as “the biggest change to the foundations of Android to date”, aiming to help hardware makers deliver faster software updates. Mandatory for phones running Oreo out the box, the “modular architecture” is still optional on Nougat, and OnePlus does not intend to adopt it anytime soon. But fret not, Android 8.1 is headed for all four aforementioned handsets “later.”

The AMA session provided few other surprises or interesting info for OnePlus fans, though we now know for certain the OP5 will never get Face Unlock, and there may or may not be “enough upgrades” for a T device next year.

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