We’ve all seen conventional speed tests performed to help prospective smartphone buyers make their choice between similar options, and oftentimes, drop, bend or even blend tests can show you what devices handle abuse best.

But in typical “never settle” fashion, OnePlus has devised two extremely unorthodox tests meant to highlight the 5T’s superiority over high-end Samsung handsets.

After hiring a couple of “stupid men” to compare the real-life snappiness of the OnePlus 5T and Galaxy Note 8, the Chinese OEM is now making a “moron” assess the video stabilization prowess of its latest flagship killer in contrast with the Galaxy S8.

We don’t need to tell you which “shiny new” phone prevails, although in all honesty, we paid closer attention to the “tester’s” facial expressions and body language than the actual footage he was able to record of “one hungry pooch” viciously attacking him.

While it’s not immediately clear that the “moron” is being held hostage by OnePlus, we don’t see any reason why someone would voluntarily put on a Lady Gaga-inspired meat suit for this absurd and possibly traumatic “dog test.”

How much money could OnePlus afford to throw out the window to convince an actor to do such a thing? Exactly how was the dog detached from the juicy hunks of meat once filming wrapped up? And what might OnePlus be planning next to shock, sicken and weirdly entertain its fans? We’re almost too afraid to find out.

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