‘Stupid men’ pit OnePlus 5T against Galaxy Note 8 in bizarre new ‘cactus test’ ad (Video)

How do you recover from a catastrophic security breach on your official website, putting the credit card information of “up to 40k” customers at risk, and potentially causing irreparable brand recognition damage?

If you’re OnePlus, you apparently go back to your roots, and release a weird commercial rivaled in “eccentricity” only by the company’s controversial “Smash the Past” contest from several years ago.

It’s pretty obvious this is an intentionally bad, politically incorrect and outright dumb new ad, which OnePlus probably expects to elicit (uncomfortable) laughter, divisiveness and maybe even a little good old-fashioned online outrage. Anything to make people forget about the OEM’s real problems.

In the surreal 40-second video embedded above, two “stupid men” put the OnePlus 5T and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to “the cactus test” as they try to find out which one is speedier.

For those unfamiliar with it, the totally unscientific cactus test apparently involves said “brave idiots” facing an avalanche of spiny plants in their tighty-whities while desperately attempting to open 20 “everyday” apps to complete the stupid challenge.

Unsurprisingly, the “shiny new” OnePlus 5T comes out on top as faster than a much pricier rival, although both of the advert’s stars lose at life. And no, they don’t seem to be wearing cups.

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