OnePlus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8+: Can it kill a flagship? (Video)

The most expensive OnePlus smartphone yet still doesn’t come close to Samsung’s exorbitant Galaxy S8 and S8+ SRPs, thus affording to make do without many bleeding-edge lifestyle features.

There’s no water-resistance rating, iris or facial recognition, magnetic mobile payment support or fancy “Infinity Display” with an extra-tall aspect ratio. But the OnePlus 5 does adhere to the same market disruptor philosophy as its forerunners, packing 8 whopping gigs of RAM and 128GB internal storage space at an unbeatable price.

Decidedly attractive and well-constructed, the new guy is also arguably derivative and unoriginal in its aluminum unibody design. And don’t get us started on how close it is to the overall dimensions of the GS8 Plus, despite sporting significantly less screen real estate.

Speaking of, there’s no comparing these two in display resolution, though a lower pixel count helps offset a small battery size disadvantage. A leaner, cleaner OS that’s much closer to Google’s stock Android vision contributes to both superior energy efficiency and a faster user experience in general on the OnePlus 5.

Oh, and then there’s proprietary Dash Charging technology that continues to amaze with its simplicity, reliability and especially speed. Also, surprisingly solid audio performance all around.

It might be a little disappointing to hear the daring dual camera on the OP5 loses that all-important battle against the single 12MP shooter of the Galaxy S8+, but still, the bang for buck winner is clear when all is said and done.

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