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[alert variation=”alert-warning”]Update: OnePlus has sent us a statement saying that over-the-air updates to both the OnePlus 3T and 5 will include fixes.[/alert]

The litany of OnePlus 5 screw-ups that have littered the way from launch through to today has no end, it seems. And every little mistake seems to accentuate the larger concerns we have for the device. We’re glad to actually report that the problem we’re reporting on here is a small issue — one that can probably be patched in software — but word on one Reddit thread is that the issue is present on multiple devices.

One Jordy Holland, aka /u/opperdwerg, posted on the OnePlus subreddit a video testing out the recording abilities of the OnePlus 5. Everything looks and sounds okay when the bottom of the phone is oriented to the left side for landscape mode, but not on the right side. The device’s microphones, which are oriented on the top and bottom of the phone, seem to retain their channel assignments and while the resulting recording does output in stereo, what’s left is right and right is left.

The effect is most evident using headphones or clearly defined speakers.

Holland contacted OnePlus and was told that the company’s ROM team will queue the issue to be fixed by the next update. But the post has garnered a bandwagon effect as OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T users have reported the same issue. Those users are worried that further OxygenOS won’t address the problem — after all, they may have to wait all the way through ’til December 31 to get their Android O update.

“Oneplus will solve the issue for OP5 users relatively soon, but they will ‘forget’ OP3/T just like they did with the manual camera bug (ISO above 800) that was reported some months ago,” said /u/rdNNNN.

Piling on with the fact that the OnePlus 5 utilizes a display installed in the upside down position, /u/Huugnuut got the gold comment of the thread:

I wonder if the OP5 is secretly an even better phone if you use it upside down all the time

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