With great hype comes great scrutiny and attention to detail. And we’re not (only) talking about the “obsessive attention to detail” OnePlus claims its latest flagship phone “showcases” in departments like camera experience, software and even design.

Everyone’s paying super-close attention to the little things about the highly anticipated OnePlus 5, from the way it seemingly games benchmarks to its eerily familiar display, some (intentionally?) confusing optical zoom marketing claims and this universally reviled publicity stunt.

But if you’re interested in the actual little things inside the OP5, and how easy or hard it is to reach, remove and replace them, the first comprehensive teardown has made its way online for your destructive viewing pleasure.

The traditional repairability score is not in yet, as iFixit’s DIY experts may need more time to procure and disassemble one of these hot-selling bad boys. But it’s probably safe to expect way less than the 7 points (out of 10) racked up by the OnePlus 2 a couple of years back.

That’s because the folks over at MyFixGuide ran into trouble right off the bat trying to pop a hood firmly kept in place by a complicated assortment of strong adhesive, cables and screws.

If this is your first time taking apart a phone, maybe don’t go through with it. Even if you get in, you risk messing up plenty of glued-in components, as well as a few surprisingly “weak” ones.

A “systematically sealing design” basically combats amateur handymen, which come to think of it, isn’t all that bad. And yes, this painful teardown confirms the OnePlus 5 is fairly robust all in all, minus a couple of internal vulnerabilities.

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