It’s not here yet, but a gold OnePlus 5 version should be in the pipeline

Whether you think it looks like an iPhone 7 Plus or not (it kinda does, be honest), the OnePlus 5 is sure elegant and premium built, even compared to Samsung’s latest super-expensive, minimal-bezel crown jewel.

But you know what the super-slim, subtly curved and understated metal slab is missing? A more cheerful, playful coat of paint. Don’t get us wrong, that “Midnight Black” shade is as dark and handsome as it sounds, and the Slate Gray model is by no means boring and unattractive.

It’s just that both the OnePlus 3 and 3T offered a cosmic (and cosmetic) balance of sorts… eventually, letting you replace graphite and gunmetal respectively with a lighter, snazzier Soft Gold color.

It may take a while, with demand bound to far exceed supply in the two existing hues once the OP5 properly launches, but we’re fairly confident a third variant is coming sooner or later.

Believe it or not, it’s only today that Tenaa certification records for the OnePlus “A5000” dating as far back as May 25 come to light, including all the specs and features you’re already familiar with, a trio of pictures in gray, and surprise, surprise, references to a trio of “optional” complexions.

The translation is pretty rough around the edges, but in addition to “gun gray” and “stars black”, China’s FCC equivalent also lists a “mint gold”, aka soft gold, version. Or just gold gold.

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