OnePlus 5 ‘jelly effect’ issue is real, annoying and under investigation

The OnePlus 5 is on paper arguably the 2013-founded Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s best product yet, and most reviews on the interwebs, including all our exclusive hands-on coverage, has concluded the real-life user experience is pretty phenomenal… for $479 and up.

But not even the $850 Samsung Galaxy S8+ was able to achieve total hardware and software perfection, so it’s probably unfair to make too big of a deal about a few minor controversies and issues.

Unfortunately for OnePlus and all those hoping affordable flagships catch on, the scandals are piling up, and many of the online-popular OEM’s fans continue to voice their growing frustration precisely on the forums that were so kind to the OP3 and 3T last year.

The latest “minor” flaw threatening to erupt into a serious problem concerns the already contentious Full HD AMOLED display of the OP5. This appears to be acting up for a worrisome number of early adopters in a highly unusual way, and although there are various theories, nobody knows exactly what’s causing the glitch.

Dubbed the “jelly effect”, whatever’s wrong with the OnePlus 5 makes the screen “refresh unevenly when scrolling”, according to multiple threads on the company’s official community pages and Reddit, resulting in an “unintentional jelly-like scrolling-animation.”

It’s a bit hard to explain, and it looks far from major on video, but people swear it’s easily noticeable and extremely annoying in the real world. For its part, OnePlus is seemingly aware of the issue and closely investigating it, but it remains unclear if another software update could iron it out or not. We certainly hope so, because if it’s a hardware thing, it might linger until the end of time.

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