Even though OnePlus can and does have the tendency to ruin its own phones for itself and its fans, the neat little touches it does put in to OxygenOS is still worth highlighting.

XDA-Developers recently noticed a very subtle, unmentioned example — the media volume control. The volume slider itself is not particularly eye-catching, but why don’t we try an exercise: count the number of steps it takes to go from full volume to mute (or vice versa) on your phone.

Now watch this video.

Odds are that the OnePlus 5‘s 30 steps double your phone’s capabilities. It’s these more refined volume controls that put some people’s ears at ease from being too loud or too quiet. Of course, if you’ve got a Hi-Fi-capable phone like the LG V20, you’re probably more used to 75 steps of volume, but we guess a part of that goes to the component grade.

Still, nice effort from OnePlus and OxygenOS.

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