OnePlus 5 gaming stutter issue leads to OxygenOS 4.5.7 withdrawal, 4.5.8 fix coming ‘ASAP’

Holding off on the OnePlus 5 until a (soft?) gold model arrives to add a splash of color to an exceedingly dark and somewhat confusing lineup including far too similar “Midnight Black” and “Slate Gray” variants?

Existing OP5 owners may want to hold off themselves on installing the latest incremental OxygenOS software update. Actually, that’s no longer an option due to a “gaming stutter issue reported from some forum users”, with the 4.5.7 platform revision promptly withdrawn.

But don’t worry, a 4.5.8 push should go down “ASAP” to resolve this unanticipated issue. Before you snap at OnePlus for what could be viewed as the latest in a seemingly endless string of blunders, keep in mind that bugs and glitches surface on the heels of maintenance OS updates all the time.

This sort of thing can happen and does happen to many other smartphone manufacturers constantly. To its credit, the increasingly divisive Chinese OEM owned up to the system stability problem remarkably fast, doing the right thing in halting the rollout until a fix is devised and dispatched over-the-air.

Now, we know the 4K video recording EIS enhancement in particular was important for a lot of OnePlus 5 users, but odds are you only have a few days to wait for it to be distributed again, this time without breaking any essential, unrelated functionality.

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