It’s not even properly released, but the OnePlus 5 already scores its first small software update

This is bound to upset OnePlus 2 and X owners even more, as their far-from-obsolete devices are likely stuck with Android Marshmallow for all eternity, while the already up-to-date OxygenOS builds running on the 3, 3T and 5 continue to get fine-tuned and optimized.

Yup, as unusual (and unusually sweet) as it sounds, the OnePlus 5 that literally just saw daylight last week is receiving an over-the-air software update to OxygenOS 4.5.2.

There’s nothing super-major baked in, of course, like unreleased Android O goodies or even removal of benchmark-manipulating code. Still, at only 36MB or so, the minor system renovation effort comes with quite the lengthy changelog.

You’re looking at a couple of routine bug fixes, for an “app installation issue” and “system update failure”, as well as camera, Bluetooth, network, system stability and third-party app compatibility “optimizations.”

No, we don’t believe these generic new “camera optimizations” will so radically improve the photography-taking experience that we need to revisit our in-depth review, but it might be the first (small) step towards a genuinely impressive dual shooter combo.

If you’re thinking of getting a OnePlus 5 tomorrow, June 27, when open sales kick off around the world, it’s probably safe to expect OxygenOS 4.5.2 out the box. Lucky early adopters, meanwhile, should be looking for an OTA download and installation prompt message. You know want to do from there.

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