It’s settled, we’ll see the OnePlus 5, not 4, released sometime ‘this summer’

While we remain skeptical about a recent placeholder visit of the so-called OnePlus 5 at a somewhat sketchy online store, as well as rampant Weibo rumors and leaks that are impossible to verify, we’re happy to bring you official news on the company’s next “flagship killer” today.

A highly reputable publication is finally in a position to confirm the OnePlus 5, not 4, will arrive in stores worldwide “this summer”, succeeding the June 2016-unveiled OP3 and November-launched 3T. That probably means the limited edition Midnight Black OnePlus 3T is either not returning after depleting its initial inventory, or is merely coming back in small numbers.

Who cares about an arguably stylish take on a passé handheld though when the OnePlus 5 is expected out with Snapdragon 835 processing power in tow, dual rear cameras, a 5.5-inch Quad HD screen and, some say, even 8GB RAM?

Alas, the unnamed company reps that spoke to The Verge stayed completely mum on all the above. But the OnePlus 4-skipping market moniker is now etched in stone, due to a bad case of tetraphobia and the unfortunate association of the number four with death in several East Asian cultures. Also, a very random admiration for seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry and his Lakers and Spurs number five jersey.

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