OnePlus 5 can’t complete emergency services calls, could be AOSP-based bug

OnePlus 5 users across the web, including on Reddit, are sending reports to the OEM about incomplete calls to emergency services. Most of the reports come from US callers to 911 and UK callers to 999.

In a visual example provided unto the OnePlus subreddit, Nick Morrelli (/u/Seattle_Horn) posted a video to his Facebook page of a test call to his local service and found that, as before when he actually needed to make a call for a fire in Seattle, his phone rebooted before it could make contact with the call center. Fortunately, it wasn’t his house that was on fire, but it is unfortunate that it takes an actual call to be placed for this bug to get exposed.

If you have a OnePlus 5 and are wondering about your ability to make a 911 or 999, you can call your local emergency services department and ask to place a test call.

OnePlus told The Next Web that it’s in contact with Morrelli and is encouraging people who’ve found the same issue to email [email protected].

On the Android subreddit, one moderator speculated that it might possibly a fluke in the Android Open Source Project code.

“This also may be an issue with the enhanced 911 services code that automatically sends location data to dispatch,” said /u/kumquat_juice. “It may be a widespread issue (AOSP), or just to [OnePlus].”

While OnePlus is under a raft of complaints for the way it has handled the publicity and problems of the OnePlus 5, this is also isn’t the first software-side compromise to 911 in recent days as one Phoenix-area programmer was able to trigger 911 calls on iOS phones through an exploit of an 8-year-old security hole.

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