OnePlus A5000 model number surfaces in China, strongly hinting at OnePlus 5 arrival

Is it time for another “flagship killer” already? Probably not, since the OnePlus 3 saw daylight last June, followed by an incrementally upgraded 3T in the fall, and a dark and handsome black limited edition only a few weeks back.

Of course, regardless of its outer color, the OnePlus 3T can’t exactly rival Samsung or LG’s latest hero devices. Then again, it still may have taken time and resources away from the OnePlus 5. Wait, what happened with the 4?

Just as tipsters and rumormongers always assumed, the number routinely associated with death in Chinese culture will likely be skipped entirely so as not to bring bad luck to the ambitious local smartphone manufacturer.

While the information isn’t 100 percent confirmed, a recent visit of a mysterious OnePlus A5000 handheld at China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology very much suggests that’s indeed the case.

With the OnePlus 2 carrying an A200x model number back in the day, the 3 also going by an A3000 alias, and the 3T given an A3000 alternative designation, it stands to reason that this A5000 is the OnePlus 5, not 4.

Market branding notwithstanding, we’re afraid we can’t offer you a single tidbit of credible hardware intel on the company’s next flagship. Unsubstantiated gossip includes everything from 8GB RAM to super-slim bezels, Snapdragon 835 processing power, a 23MP rear camera and 256GB internal storage, but we’d rather wait and see.

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