OnePlus 5 ad notifications being sent to owners of older OnePlus phones

OnePlus is losing all sorts of goodwill it has built up in its maturation process and it may even have lost the enthusiasm that tech enthusiasts have had for the punk brand. All because of one push notification.

The company is reported to have sent out a push notification (in some cases, multiple notifications) to owners of previous OnePlus devices promoting the purchase of an all-new OnePlus 5. A global message came out in language while in some regions, a version with the local language was pushed.

On this /r/OnePlus thread on Reddit, the response was overwhelmingly negative, tearing apart the firm’s supposedly strong support of freewheeling software with no bloat and no “BS”.

Among others in the community, /u/midnightblade had worries about what this single ad could turn into. The person had worked for a Chinese OEM that had, at one point, considered a backdoor trick to make Android notification ads look like text messages sent from the carrier.

“This opens up the possibility for them to push other types of notifications as well,” the user said. “Except for customer pushback, what’s stopping them from pushing ads for non-Oneplus products? If they can push notifications they can easily make those notifications look like whatever they want as well. Who’s to say they can’t make fake notifications to push products and services?”

There’s a rabbit hole we could go down that would involve bringing in the chagrin of owners of the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X: no Android Nougat.

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