The OnePlus 3 was a formidable entry in the list of phones offering up good audio playback. Even more so when you considered the price of the phone opposite the “premium” handsets which it outperformed.

In looking at the OnePlus 3T, a lot of small pieces have been refreshed and refined. The new OP has a bigger battery, a higher resolution selfie camera, and a faster processor in the same great shell. These are all nice improvements, but how does the audio fare? Are we treated to refinements for speaker and headphone quality too?

We’ve taken a listen to our favorite music tracks on a variety of different headphones. We’ve recorded some speaker samples, and we’ve analyzed the output. We’re ready to share our findings! Is the OnePlus 3T a better audiophile phone than its predecssor, or did this company coast on the hardware?

OnePlus 3T Real Audio Review: One step forward, one step sideways?

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