OnePlus 3T formally launches in India at Rs. 30,000 and up exclusive to Amazon

Unfazed by touch latency controversies that were probably blown out of proportion anyway, as well as long waiting times on both US shores and across the old continent, OnePlus today brings its latest “never-settling” venture to the all-important Indian market.

Well, technically, the incrementally-updated OnePlus 3T is still a couple of weeks away from its local commercial launch. But Amazon registrations are now open, pricing is confirmed, and Prime members will get an hour of “early access” sales on December 12 ahead of the wide rollout two days later.

Like everywhere else, the 3T is only slightly costlier than the original OP3 in India, starting at Rs. 29,999 (around $440), compared to 28,000 rupees ($410). That’s obviously for the “entry-level” 64GB configuration, with the 128 gig SKU commanding an Rs. 5,000 ($73) premium for a grand total of 35,000 rupees, or roughly $510.

Remember, just the 64GB variant is inbound with both gunmetal and soft gold paint jobs… eventually, while the top-line OnePlus 3T model comes coated in gunmetal alone.

Visually similar to its predecessor, the Android Marshmallow-based OP3T has Nougat goodies decidedly on the way, Snapdragon 821 processing power in tow, both 16MP rear and front cameras, as well as 3,400 mAh battery capacity. Overall, it’s just sufficiently better than the OP3 to warrant the small price hike.

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