OnePlus 3T After The Buzz: Still the most bang for your buck (Video)

What better time to evaluate a phone’s endurance than on the eve of its sequel’s launch? If you own a OnePlus 3T and are wondering whether an upgrade might already be due, or if you’re thinking about getting the oldie (but goldie) at the eleventh hour, our latest “after the buzz” video should help.

You probably remember how this version two of the world’s favorite flagship killer left a great first impression on our Multimedia Manager and review master Jaime Rivera back in November.

Well, that hasn’t changed much with extensive use and daily wear and tear, although the competition is far stronger now. Not in the sub-$500 segment, fortunately for OnePlus, and as pretty as the Galaxy S8 looks, it’s still hard to justify that massive premium.

Besides, the OP3T is no eyesore, bezels and all, staying smudge-free over time and feeling less fragile than some of its extravagant rivals.

Is it today’s most powerful Android smartphone? Absolutely not, but it does run a newer OS version than the S8, packs the same processor as the LG G6, alongside standard 6GB RAM. Ergo, it’s buttery smooth no matter what you throw at it, audio quality is still top-notch, and yes, the camera performance has been consistently improved with little to no fanfare. We’re almost starting to question if the world really needs a OnePlus 5.

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