OnePlus 3 vs OnePlus 2: The difference a year makes…

How much difference might there be in one year? We here at Pocketnow are pretty conservative about recommending one year upgrades. Phones are expensive, and the changes from on year to the next might not always reflect the best bang for buck consumers might be looking for. You worked hard for your cash, and we want to respect that.

It’s a topic we’re really interested in though, and when flipping a phone makes sense, it can be an exciting development. OnePlus is a tricky company to fully pin down. They’re a smaller company, better recognized by the techier Android fans out there, and they’ve built a large part of the brand’s reputation on price disruption. Making more affordable handsets with closer to flagship specs on board will always get people’s attention.

Now in its third iteration, the OnePlus flagship looks really good on paper, and brings back features like the NFC radio (used for mobile payments) which never really should have been excluded on the OnePlus 2.

What if you’ve already “bought in” to the OnePlus ecosystem? Like any other manufacturer, if you’re using a OnePlus One, upgrading to an OP3 makes perfect sense, but what about folks using an OP2? Has enough changed here to warrant the cost? Let’s see if we can help answer that question for folks shopping a mid-ranger priced smartphone. OnePlus 3 vs OnePlus 2, should you upgrade?


OnePlus 3 first impressions

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