OnePlus 3 is here to stay, despite tight supply and month-long shipping delays

Given the traditional openness to both the public and press of OnePlus head honchos in discussing even the wildest rumors and sketchy speculation over past, present and future devices, it was pretty obvious it wouldn’t take Carl Pei long to crush 3S gossip.

Indeed, the company co-founder and social media guru has quickly clarified the situation of the “original” OnePlus 3 on Twitter, various forum posts and by contacting tech blogs directly, highlighting any upgrade, rehash or spin-off must wait.

The up-and-coming Chinese hardware manufacturer is “still producing and selling the OnePlus 3”, as well as sticking to “Optic AMOLED displays for the foreseeable future”, strongly believing “AMOLED > LCD.”

But Pei also understands the frustration of buyers dealing with “up to a month” delays in deliveries of OnePlus 3 orders “being placed today.” That’s a “bad shopping experience for a product that’s been on the market for a few months already”, though it won’t make the OEM “falter on its principles” by going the easier, inferior LCD screen route.

Instead, the supply chain will need to sort out the simple issue of stronger-than-anticipated demand… eventually, as AMOLED orders were increased immediately after the OnePlus 3 started selling like hotcakes, but current factory capacity just can’t keep up.

Sources: OnePlus Forums, Twitter, Android Authority

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